Entrepreneurs: Are You Brave Enough to Join the Revolution?

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sick of hyped up marketing

A New Message Revolution

I’m just going to be brave and say it… there is too much copycat (or copy-crap, if you will) messaging out there.

And it’s not working for me.

Is it working for you?


Honestly, it’s driving me a little bit insane.

And I’m guessing if its winding me up, it’s going to be making lots of other potential customers run a mile away too.
You know the kind of content I mean, don’t you?

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Exclusive (PAH!) excuse me while I fall off my chair.

Copy the exact emails I used to attract a million customers


For the love of humanity, why would anyone do that? (Unless of course they were the exact same person running the exact same business!)

Or how about this beauty

“Skyrocket your business and attract raving fans, just like I did” #ladyboss

Do you feel ill yet?

I’m sorry I had to subject you to that, but I just wanted to make a point.

Please don’t fall for the hype. Please don’t waste your money.

The best thing you can actually do as a small business owner to grow your business, attract clients and get noticed for the right reasons, is to be YOU.

Get really clear on who you are, and what you and your business are all about. Then use that.

Take some time to reflect, take a step back, and work out how you are going to get that message out to your potential customers in a way that can only be yours.


The fact is (and it’s a simple one we all know) you are unique, you are the only you out there.

Your Message. Be yourself

Yes you might need to do a little bit of work on refining your communication skills, and really working out what your message and unique selling point is, but once you do, it will be YOURS alone 😊

Day after day on my timelines I see the same words being used by different people, trying to compete for attention.

How does that make you stand out as different? Why would that same shit different day message attract customers?

Does that cut through the noise?


It is the noise.


People buy people.

People want to work with people they can know, like and trust.

Copying someone else’s emails and style isn’t going to sound like you. And I’m sure it won’t feel right either.

I wish people would stop trying to sell these things as if it’s going to work for you too.

Pretending to be someone you are not, or use language that doesn’t feel right just because everyone else is, is just going to make you cringe inside.


It may well have worked for a select group of people a long time ago, it was probably their style. Then they went and sold it to a bunch of people who are now doing the same thing, and the effectiveness has washed off.
It’s overkill.


It’s time for a change.




A revolt by online entrepreneurs and small businesses who refuse to use the tired, overused buzz words and who’d like to stand out as themselves. Who’s with me?


Let me explain

Being you is better.

You can be more confident in your own words, because they are your own.

You will naturally communicate better and build better relationships, just by being natural.


People buy People.

Let someone get to know you.

And how better to do that than by just being yourself.

Dare I even say, by being authentic. (I’m so sad how this word has been overused as it is such an important one).


Let your personality shine through in what you do. Use your own words. Let your passion flow.

And talk to people as if they are a person, a friend even.
Be conversational.


No-one would actually say to you in person over a cup of tea:

Hey, Lucy do you want to copy my secret kick-ass formula to hack your way to 1000 raving fans in just 4 weeks? You freakin’ BadAss!!


Would they?


How about we try talking to people as if they are actually people.

Dare I say, people with a little intelligence and a good command of the English language?

It would be SO nice.

Are you with me?


If you’d like to chat to other like-minded business owners, why not come over and join us in the Business Owners Conversation Club. We are a friendly community of people! People who are also business owners and entrepreneurs.

We are a bit like that virtual team you sometimes miss when you work alone. We believe that working alone doesn’t need to be lonely.

We’d love to see you there.


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I’m Lucy. I help small business owners learn how to communicate clearly about their business so that people understand what they do, why they do it and why customers should choose them. So people buy what they do!

I help you get that absolute clarity on what you’re all about, craft that message and then use it to attract clients and grow your business.

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2 Comments on “Entrepreneurs: Are You Brave Enough to Join the Revolution?”

  1. Amen to this! Facebook is ramming this crap a down my throat at the moment through sponsored posts and it’s driving me mad! No, random person who thinks they’re the dog’s knackers, you don’t know me or my business or my products so you can’t guarantee me any sales!!xx

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