How to create a simple marketing story in 30 minutes

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How to create a simple marketing story in 30 minutes

Do you want to be able to explain to your customers, quickly, how what you do solves their problem?

If you put your mind to it, you can build a quick marketing story in under 30 minutes.

At the very minimum, by following this structure, you’ll have an outline story in 30 minutes that you can go on to refine.

I’ve put together this little 30 second video on biteable to show you how simple it can be.

Your marketing story in 30 seconds on Biteable.

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Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment and see if you can follow this structure


1.  Meet Jane. She’s your next customer.


People connect with people, so tell us a story about Jane.

Tell us about Jane and demonstrate that you understand who she is.

This will speak to Jane, attract her attention and she will show interest.


2. Jane has a problem. What’s the problem that needs solving?


This is where you share what you uniquely offer that solves a problem or meets a need.

What does Jane want?

What is the pain she is feeling?

Why is she struggling?

Use empathy. Show you understand the problem, how it feels.

You know how it feels to be Jane…


What if there was a solution?


 3. This is where your solution pops up in Jane’s mind.


She may have looked here and there, but not quite found what she is looking for…

Now she’s seen your solution, and it’s connecting with her, she thinks she’ll give it a try…


4. How does the solution make Jane feel?


Tell us why she’s happy?

What are the practical and emotional benefits?

People don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel!



 5. Now let’s appeal to all the other Jane’s out there.


How does it feel to be Jane now?

Don’t you want to feel like Jane too?


 6. Woo Hoo! This is how the new normal feels after Jane’s found your solution.

Tell us how Jane feels now.

Don’t forget to ask Jane for a testimonial or feedback so she can tell others in her own words, how you have made a difference to her.

 It could be perfect to use in a little video like this!

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I’m Lucy. I help small business owners learn how to communicate clearly about their business so that people understand what they do, why they do it and why customers should choose them.

I help you get that absolute clarity on what you’re all about, craft that message and then use it to attract clients and grow your business.

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