Are you missing the most important piece of your marketing?

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Big Marketing Mistake

Business Owner: Are you missing the most important piece of your marketing?

You might be surprised by the reason so much marketing fails


Is this your situation?

  • You’ve had a great idea for a product or service
  • You’ve thought about the business plan
  • You’ve created the product or service
  • And have paid someone lots of money to create you a website
  • Or you’ve grafted to create a website yourself, on a very small budget

My goodness it was hard work. But look!


You’re so proud of yourself. Because this is indeed an achievement.

But what now?

Your website is there, but nobody’s looking at it.

So you try to promote it.

You look into the myriad of online marketing options out there today, shell out some cash, and shout loudly across every social media platform you can get to grips with.

Alongside the millions of other shouters.

*fingers crossed*

But still nothing.

“I know”, you think,  “SEO!”

I’ll pay someone to sort me out some decent SEO. (Search Engine Optimisation for those not familiar with it)

Just get me on to the front page of google and EVERYONE will want to work with me.

You frantically google “SEO” and a million articles appear.

Some useful, some not.

Suddenly everything is beginning to feel a bit overwhelming as you wonder where your next (or even first) paying customer is going to come from.

Please, just hold on for a moment.  

What if you manage to get yourself to the front page of google (£££) and then your ideal customer clicks on your website, and just doesn’t get it?

They’re confused. Bamboozled.

What is it that you can help me with? They wonder…

There is nothing there that is speaking to them.

No message that connects with them.

Maybe your website is ugly. (*this can be forgiven by only one thing)

Do they contact you? Do they buy your stuff?


They click away…

What is the most important thing missing here that you just probably haven’t realised?

The right words – Your messaging. Your content.

*I believe the only salvation to an ugly website, is having the right words on it!*


Creating a clear message, that connects with your customer is the best way to grow your business.

I understand the challenge here.

It’s not that easy being a business owner. Being the one person responsible for all the jobs. And you can’t be an expert in everything.

Business owners are driven, and keen. And they need to earn money to support their families and pay the mortgage.

You might be thinking it would be nice to afford to go on holiday this year, but without a few more clients I’m not sure I can….

It’s all on our heads.

We just want to get the job done.

I know, I run two businesses myself.


I can understand the rush into Marketing before properly thinking through the messaging. But it isn’t effective.

It’s like waving a flag that may as well have nothing on it.

Because without a clear message to wave, that connects you to the people you are waving at, all they see is someone frantically throwing their arms in the air, albeit enthusiastically.

What’s more:  they’ll only see you if they happen to be in the place where you are flying your flag, and it grabs their attention.

In fact, in the rush to get to market are you just waving the flag at anyone you can find, or at the people you really want to attract the attention of?

And now that you think about it, are you even sure what your flag should have on it?

Have you done that crucial pre-work?

Have you thought about your messaging, your audience and how you want to engage with them?


So many websites are missing a fundamental trick.

They are not getting their message across. The message a business owner wants their ideal client to hear, and act on.

And neither is the marketing collateral and advertising used to promote it.

(Not everyone I hasten to add, but just a LOT)

If you put some real strategic thought into your brand identity and messaging and get it absolutely on point, you’ll have invested your time, energy and money in the right place, first.

Once you’ve got this nailed, then your marketing and SEO will be able to work wonders for you.

If you are paying to attract people to a confusing message,  a message that doesn’t speak to them, or something they just want to click away from, you are wasting time, energy and money.

If you get your messaging right, and develop great content to support it, you’ll be attracting clients and growing your business so much quicker.


As SEO expert Martin Huntbach of Jammy Digital says, getting people to find you is 80% Content and 20% SEO. Content makes the biggest difference to SEO.


You need to have the right words, the right message and engaging content to draw people in.

Your clients want to understand:

  • What you’re all about
  • Why they want and need what you do
  • How what you do solves a problem or meets a desire
  • What’s the transformation they’ll experience through using your product or service?
  • Why should they choose you?

They need to know this stuff so that so they can figure out if they want it; and importantly to get to  know you, like you and trust you enough to open their wallets or work with you.

And this can be done with the right message and the right content on your website.

But it’s not just about your website.

Having a clear message that connects with your ideal clients is your first step. 

Then there are so many ways you can use that clear message to attract clients and grow your business.

So many that it’s a whole other series of blog posts.

What I’d love you to understand first though is this:

Which is more important? Your marketing, your message or your SEO?

  1. Your Message
  2. Your Marketing
  3. Your SEO

Without a clear message you are wasting your time on the other two.


I always say

“Communicate clearly to grow your business”


It will make such a difference to you, and to those ideal clients you look to attract

Ps. I can help you do that!

If you’re not sure if your message is clear enough, or whether your website is working for you, I offer a brand message review and refresh service. Get your message working for you and see your business grow.

If you are struggling to get clarity on your message, or are not sure where to start,  I have a simple framework to help you build it:

My Messaging Made Easy toolkit and learning programme is for you. It covers the 6 essential steps to understand your brand and build a message that transforms your marketing.

Let’s make sure you’re not missing the most important piece of your marketing: your message.

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I’m Lucy. I help small business owners communicate clearly so people buy what they do.

If people don’t understand what you do, why you do it, the benefits you bring, and why customers should choose you – it’s hard to grow a business.

I help you get that absolute clarity on what you’re all about, craft that message and then use it to attract clients and grow your business.

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