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Three ways I can help you communicate clearly to grow your business

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Communicate clearly so people buy what you do.

Your website is a crucial tool to talk to your customers and help them with buying decisions.

Is yours working for you?

If you want to feel confident that all the money and effort you’re putting into marketing is working, this is for you.

With my Brand message review and refresh service I can take the pain out of rewriting or refreshing your website and marketing materials.

I’ll review your website to check it’s actually communicating your offer to your ideal customers.

I’ll be a fresh pair of expert eyes to make sure your marketing messages will connect with the people you want to attract.

I can give you honest, constructive, feedback and guidance

I’ll review, make recommendations and help you refresh your marketing materials / website to make sure you’re having the impact you desire.

Prices start from £250 + VAT

(This includes 1 hour Skype call with me + guidance + recommendation report)

Go from confused to clear in six simple steps.

Do you ever struggle when trying to talk about you and your business?

If you want to get absolute clarity on your brand identity and message so you can confidently move forward with your marketing, PR and networking activities, choose a learning programme today.

My “Messaging Made Easy” programme takes you on a journey to get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer. Helps you craft that message. And with my 121 support programme, learn how to use it to attract clients and grow your business.

With three levels of support, there will be a programme to suit you and your budget.

Choose a self study toolkit or get full access to my brain with a learning programme supported by me 121, to make sure you’ve got everything pitch perfect.

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Prices start from £97 + VAT

Grow your business using the power of communication with my full support.

Let’s bring your vision to life.

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting your business out of your head, let alone out into the world.

Whatever your ambition, there is a communications strategy that will work for you.

Use my experience to help you.
I’ve spent nearly 20 years helping businesses achieve their goals using communication and engagement strategies.

We’ll work together on your ambitions or specific challenges, and create strategies that move you, your brand and business forward.
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Consultancy packages start from £300 + VAT (per month, for 3 months or more)

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Consultancy: one-to-one Support

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting your business out of your head, let alone out into the world.

Sometimes you are so close to it that you can’t see the woods for the trees.

You are so caught up in knowing everything about your business and running it, that explaining it to others has become complicated and hard work.

I’m here to make life easier for you.

I can help you find a clearing in the wood, let the sunlight shine brightly on it, and help you find the direction and clarity of message you need to grow your business.

  • Connector.

    Let's take your business goals and make them happen

    Use my experience to help you. I’ve spent nearly 20 years helping businesses achieve their goals using communication and engagement strategies.

  • Connector.

    Need someone to help you with strategy and direction?

    Sometimes you just need to talk it through with a friendly expert to find the direction you’re after

  • Connector.

    Are you getting the results you desire from your marketing communications efforts?

    I can work with you directly, understand your specific challenges, and intuitively help you find the right way to move your business forward, that matches your ambitions

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Learning Programmes

Go from confused to clear in six simple steps

Let me help you learn how to communicate clearly so people buy what you do.

Let’s make sure you have that absolute clarity, and confidence, to get your message seen, heard and understood.

Get clear on your message so you can attract clients and grow your business

Self Service Kick-Start programme

  • Get the toolkit
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Work through each step in your own time
  • Find your absolute clarity to move forward
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Absolute Clarity: VIP Ensure absolute clarity by working through the programme together. In Five, 1 hour sessions. I'll guide you through each stage of the programme, review your messaging, plus email support in-between

  • Guiding you through each of the steps together
  • Answer any questions you may have as you progress through the stages
  • Email me in-between each session with your ideas, message and questions and I will offer you friendly and constructive feedback and guidance.
  • Make sure that you have that absolute clarity to move forward.
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“Know what to say in an authentic way”
My toolkit and learning programme will help you get absolute clarity on yourself, your brand, your audience, your message, and what makes you different.

Enabling you to talk about your business with confidence and connect with the audience that matters to youLucy Griffin-Stiff

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