Get the clarity to stand-out

A message that means customers choose you.

So many business owners struggle to talk about their business in a clear and simple way.

And it’s important that you do because if you’re confusing customers, you’re losing customers.

Work with me to build a powerful brand and clear message so your marketing connects with your customers and you can grow your business.

If you believe you could do a better job of explaining your business so people buy what you do, and you want to feel confident when talking and writing about your business -get in touch

I promise you’ll get a much better return on investment for your marketing if you’ve got your brand clear and message right.


Work with me to...

  • Discover what makes you different, find your voice, and share your USP

  • Find your niche and build a brand that attracts your ideal clients

  • Learn how to talk about your business in a clear and simple way

  • Understand the problems you solve and why people should choose you

  • Find the words, messages & stories that engage and connect with your ideal clients

  • Create content that results in customers


Are you great at what you do, but not so great at telling people about it?

Let’s solve that problem right now

If you want to be the obvious choice for your ideal clients and show them why they should buy from you
– you’re in the right place


Understand your brand, understand your ideal clients, and build a powerful message that transforms your marketing.


Get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer and how to position your brand. Go from confused to clear to win more business.


Supporting you as your brand and business evolves - to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.



Practical strategies and powerful messaging to create engaging marketing communication campaigns that get you more business.

Do you want people to stop browsing and start buying?

You need a powerful message and an irresistible offer to cut through the noise and be heard.
I can help you start conversations about your business that make you the obvious choice!


I save business owners from wasting time and money on marketing that doesn't work, by getting the message right!


I help you create powerful messages that attract your ideal clients. To do this we:

  • Get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer

  • Create your offer

  • Demonstrate what makes you different

  • Build the powerful messaging around it

  • And package it up in a way that’s irresistible to your ideal client

If people don’t get what you do, and why they should choose you, they won’t buy from you.

Your message can transform you from just another business to the OBVIOUS CHOICE for your ideal clients.

It’s so frustrating knowing what you have to offer, but not being able to articulate it well. You need a message that makes you stand out from the competition, connects you with those clients and makes them reach for their credit card.

It’s difficult to figure this stuff out when you’re so close to your business.

It's called the curse of knowledge.

What you need is a messaging magician! (That’s me by the way!)

I completely understand. You want to run a successful business around your family life, that gets clients, makes money and makes a difference. Me too.

Use my gift. Take advantage of my 20 years experience showing businesses how to communicate clearly for more success, and work with me to help you do just that.

I’m fun to work with and BS -free. You won’t find any “hacks” or “blueprints” here. Just real strategic expertise.

And a touch of messaging magic!

I’ve helped many frustrated businesses through the journey from confused to clear
  • Save time

    From struggling to articulate your offer, to having a message that really connects.

  • Save your energy

    From wasting money on marketing that isn’t working, to marketing that brings in business

  • Save your sanity

    So you can run a successful business around your family life, that gets clients and makes money.

Imagine that.

I'll help you get the foundations in place to grow a thriving business, do what you love on your own terms, and make enough money to go on holiday wherever you fancy without feeling guilty!

You earned it.


What people are saying...

“Lucy helped me to get real clarity on what I’m all about and the programmes I’m offering to clients before we collaboratively created the wording that really resonated with me. It was an iterative process across three 121 sessions with work in between that filtered my messages into the concentrated form that they needed to be in to really speak to my ideal client.

By working with Lucy, I haven’t just got the words for my website; I also have clarity on my key messages, which will guide my blog posts and sales conversations, but I have much more clarity on my business offering!

A massive added bonus! Thank you Lucy.”

Kath Curry

“If you have any doubts about working with Lucy – forget them now. She will arm you with the words and ideas to make a huge difference to where you’re at right now. It might all sound very simple, but Lucy is an absolute genius, I can’t recommend her services highly enough and she is worth every single penny.”

Andy White


“I decided to work with Lucy after seeing her Brand Before Logo masterclass.

I was feeling in a muddle.

I had lots of ideas and was finding it hard to be clear about who I was and what I was offering to my clients.

As we worked through the programme it felt like an idea that had been buzzing round my head was finally coming to life.

Through our calls we drew out what my offer was and what made me different. It helped to have a clear focus for my business.

The messaging we ended up with was amazing and presented me in a very professional way and brought together skills I’d forgotten I had!

It got real clarity around what I offer and what makes me different. I have always struggled to explain succinctly what my business is and now through working with Lucy I can.

I now have confidence in myself to promote my business. I can attend networking events with a clear message of how I serve my clients.

Once I had the clarity on my offer I started to get instant results. Using the work Lucy and I had been through I was able to talk clearly about my offer and was hired to run a Facebook ad campaign, gaining a new client.

I would definitely recommend working with Lucy. She makes the process feel easy and is very supportive.”

Louise Green