Market your business with clarity and confidence

Are you great at what you do, but not so great at telling people about it?

Let’s solve that problem right now

If you want to connect with your ideal customers
and show them why they should buy from you

– you’re in the right place

Are you great at what you do, but a bit rubbish at explaining it?

If you’re not attracting enough clients to earn the money you deserve, let alone the money you desire

If you’re passionate about what you do, don’t want to give up, but you’re not sure how much longer you can go on as you are.

If you’ve done the networking circuit with the dreaded 60 second pitch,
you’ve set up a facebook page but no-one's looking at it,

and no-one’s bought from your website , even though you just spent £50 quid on facebook ads to tell people it’s there….

It’s time to stop wasting time and money on marketing that isn’t working and fix it.

Work with me to:

  • Discover what makes you different, find your voice, and share your USP

  • Find your niche and build a brand that attracts your ideal clients

  • Learn how to talk about your business in a clear and simple way

  • Understand the problems you solve and why people should choose you

  • Find the words, messages & stories that engage and connect with your ideal clients

  • Create content that results in customers

Get the clarity you need to build a stand-out brand.

Develop messaging you’re completely confident with

and learn strategies to convert browsers into buyers.

Book a call to discover how

How do people decide whether to buy from you?

They decide based on what you say, the words you use, and the impression they get.

Customers judge if they
know, like and trust
you enough based on what you’re putting out there.

Is it really that simple?

Sort of. It’s simple when you know how.

It can be hard to know how to talk about your business in a clear and simple way.
And that's exactly what you need to do to cut through the noise and be heard.

In a way that makes your customers stop browsing and start buying.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff, Starting Conversations

Starting Conversations founder, Lucy Griffin-Stiff

There are a number of factors that contribute to not winning business but I guarantee you that communication is at the heart of it.

If people don’t get it, they won’t buy it.

If you’re confused, so are your customers.

People crave clarity.

You want to run a successful business around your family life, that gets clients, makes money and makes a difference. I completely understand. Me too.

Use my gift. Take advantage of my 20 years experience showing businesses how to communicate clearly for more success, and work with me to help you do just that.

I’m fun to work with and BS -free. You won’t find any “hacks” or “blueprints” here. Just real strategic expertise.
And a touch of messaging magic!

Simplicity sells. Clarity adds focus.

It’s so frustrating knowing what you have to offer, but not being able to articulate it.

You need a message that makes you stand out from the competition, connects you with those clients and makes them reach for their credit card.

I know it’s frustrating, because believe it or not, I’ve struggled with this too.
It’s difficult to figure this stuff out when you’re so close to your business.

It’s called the curse of knowledge.

Even if you’re a pretty good copywriter figuring this stuff out alone is hard.

What you need is a messaging magician! (That’s me by the way!)

How I can help you

I’ve helped many frustrated businesses through the journey from confused to clear

  • Save time

    From struggling to articulate your offer, to having a message that really connects.

  • Save your energy

    From wasting money on marketing that isn’t working, to marketing that brings in business

  • Save your sanity

    So you can run a successful business around your family life, that gets clients and makes money.

Imagine that.

By learning how to communicate better you can have a thriving business, do what you love on your own terms, and make enough money to go on holiday wherever you fancy without feeling guilty!

You earned it.

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Do you get stuck when trying to talk about you and your business?

You know you could get better results from your marketing, but you are stuck with what to say?
Picture the scene: You go to a networking event, you’re normally pretty confident chatting to people, and then someone asks you the question:
“What do you do?”


What if there was an easy way to get unstuck?

Would you like an easy-to-follow toolkit that helps you get clarity on your messaging so you can move forward with your PR, marketing and networking conversations?
The simple stuff you need to do first, but probably didn’t realise?


In your words…

“I cannot tell you how much of a difference you have made and I can’t believe it’s been done in just three weeks!

It’s often easy to tell people what you do but your why is harder. That’s where Lucy is superb – she spends time really getting to know you and your business, asking the questions which will bring out your unique story.

She’s great fun and her friendly, supportive coaching style gave me so much more confidence as well as bags of ideas to grow my business online.”
Sian Price, Cooks Lane Herbs

“Lucy’s brand review & refresh was fantastic and came at exactly the right time as I was feeling a little lost about whether my brand message was coming across as clearly to my target customer as I hoped.

It really helped to have my brand, customer and messaging across all channels viewed through a fresh pair of eyes.

The review helped me to understand areas where my messaging was confused and not coming across as consistently as I wished.

Lucy’s report contained a practical list of actions I could start working on straight away. Alongside this, I found the opportunity to chat through the report with Lucy afterwards really helpful.

I have started working on the actions Lucy gave me already, and this is helping me to deliver a more cohesive message across my website, blog and social media channels”Beth Searle,

“I am so pleased to have found Lucy! I was flailing around in an endless cycle of signing up to newsletters from marketing gurus, trying to reinvent myself as they offered me a sure-fire way to draw in new clients and feeling hopeless as I struggled to be clear in my own mind about what I was trying to achieve.

Enter Lucy. She’s helped me define who my clients are (and not be afraid to be quite specific), why I am the right person to work with and importantly, how I can tell them this!”Bev Loczy, Peace of Mind PA

“Having an expert and impartial review of my website and marketing collateral has been invaluable. When it’s your own business, you can be blind to some of the errors you’re making, or you simply miss opportunities for reinforcing your brand and key messages.

Lucy was great to work with. She very quickly got my business and what I was trying to say, and has suggested some really actionable improvements that will get my message across more clearly to my customers.”
Amanda Overend, Books & Pieces

“I’d been spinning round in circles with how to pitch my company and to whom, I sort of had it, but my confidence was sliding. I decided that I needed some expert help!

Within a couple of phone calls, a week of emails and a lot of hard work we had it cracked.

I’m now filled with confidence when talking about my company, I have a tag line that makes sense and we’ve found the USP of my business that we can focus on.

What I love the most is that I went on this journey with Lucy, she didn’t just take my brief and then tell me what to say; with her expert guidance she helped me to work it out, which means I own the message and I understand it and therefore can communicate it with confidence.

When you’re a small business its a very hard decision to spend your precious few pounds on things like message and tone of voice, but getting it right means its easier to sell, so this investment should quickly be returned. I highly recommend Lucy at Starting Conversations, she will set your marketing on the right track!”Helen White, Brilliant Together

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My “Messaging Made Easy” toolkit and learning programmes take you through 6 simple steps to gain absolute clarity on yourself and your business – what you uniquely offer that makes you attractive to your ideal client. You get clear on your message AND then learn how to communicate that in a way your audience cares about. Using what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to attract those ideal clients and build an audience who know, like and trust you. Leaving you to nurture those connections and grow your business.

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