Hi, I’m Lucy,

I’m the Brand & Communications expert for business owners & entrepreneurs who want to become the obvious choice to their ideal clients.

I help you become the obvious choice through your brand positioning, working out your clear offer, your difference (or USP) and powerful message. 

We get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer, create your offer, demonstrate what makes you different, build the powerful messaging around it and package it up in a way that’s irresistible to your ideal clients. Giving you the confidence to get out there and become the obvious choice.

Messaging can make-or-break your marketing. I help you get it right. 

Through working with me you’ll get the clarity to market your business with confidence.

You can work with me to:
  • Discover what makes you different, find your voice and your USP.
  • UNDERSTAND your ideal clients, develop your offer, positioning, and build an authentic and powerful message that you and your customers will love.
  • I can show you how to talk about your business and offer in a clear, simple and powerful way so your customers get what you do, and you get noticed.

If you can’t explain why someone should buy from you, or have the words that do that in your marketing – you’re already losing.

If you’re confusing customers, you’re losing customers.

It’s really frustrating being great at what you do, but not being able to articulate it in a way that attracts clients.

It’s a skill.

Don’t get lost in a sea of sameness

Together we can work out how to make you (and your business) stand out from the crowd, by being your brilliant self.

What others say…

“I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy, she’s wonderful.

It feels like working with a friend, but with the added expertise. She takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and has the talent to help you do so.

I had a proper light bulb moment when working with Lucy. The clarity and confidence you get through the process with the added accountability is definitely worth it.

I’m definitely standing out better online now. I’m consistent, bolder and have been getting really good reactions to my content.”

– Janine Coombes

I believe getting communication right can make a massive difference to people and to business

In fact, I know it does.

I’ve been working in the world of communication for over 20 years.

I’m truly passionate about it.

With passion comes things I love, and things I really hate.

What I love

I love clear, open, honest, authentic communication. The kind that truly connects you with your audience. That helps people really understand what you’re all about and why they’d want to work with you.

What I hate

I hate fake, spam, salesy, cookie cutter, hacks that you see spiralling across your social media timelines. It makes me feel dirty…

“Copy the exact email I used to make 100K in a day”


I’ve helped some of the biggest, well known, brands communicate clearly over the past 20 years. For example: Visa, Barclays, EDF Energy, London Underground – to name a few.

At Starting Conversations  I help entrepreneurs and business owners get the clarity and confidence to talk about their business in a way that truly connects with their audience.

I help you build a brilliant brand around your business offer, and show you how to communicate clearly so people buy what you do.

Using the “magic of messaging” I help you build messages and find the hidden stories in your business which are crucial to your marketing.

Potential customers need to understand what you do, the problems you solve, why you do it and why customers should choose you. Messages and Stories are at the heart of this, and I can help you bring yours to life. Lucy Griffin-Stiff

Why not stand out for the right reasons?

What about we create messages that help you grow your brand and business by being yourself, that clearly communicate what you offer, and why people should work with you.

Wouldn’t that feel great?

A recent Cohn & Wolfe study on Authenticity showed that only 7% of people in the UK think brands are open and honest, yet their study also showed that 88% of consumers would reward a brand for it’s authenticity.

There is a massive opportunity to grow your brand and business and embrace that 88%.

The pre-work you need to do first but probably didn’t realise

Business owners tell me that in the struggle to start conversations around their business, they discover that they are not 100% clear on what they’re all about, their offer, their positioning, their difference, their message,  and how to communicate that in a way that connects with their ideal audience.

And importantly everyone I speak to wants to communicate authentically, sounding like themselves. Getting their message heard for the right reasons.

We all want to be happy in our work, but sometimes there are blockers that get in our way

There are some things we’re naturally good at, or expert in, and then there’s stuff we’re not so good at.

For me it’s doing accounts and taxes. I just hate it.

It always feels ten times harder than it needs to be. So I got support with that, and have an expert (accountant) who helps me.

For others it’s communication.

It’s getting that clear message out into the world that connects you with the audience that matters to you.

And there is nothing more important in growing your business – (getting people to buy what you do) – than communication.

If nobody knows what you do and why they need it,
AND why you’re the best person to help them, you’re not going to win that business.

I see so many business owners rushing into marketing and PR activities with the best of intentions, but often not the firm foundations in place first to make it work. The stuff you need to do first but probably didn’t realise.

It’s a bit like hurdles. If you try to jump over a hurdle from standing still, it’s hard

If you have a bit of a run-up, you’ll be much more successful.

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“I have a head of communications expertise to share with you, and a heart full of encouragement that can help guide you on your way to the successful business you dream of.”

A bit more about me

What led me here (my story)

Over the past 20 years, since I left Uni with a Media Production degree, I’ve continued to build my expertise in communications and media as the world of business has evolved.

Throughout my career, I’ve supported some very large, well known organisations and brands both in-house, and as a strategic communications consultant, helping them communicate and engage with the audiences that matter to them.

Then when I was on maternity leave, I did a lot of soul searching.

After six months at home, I was missing communication and conversation. Honestly, I felt like I might be losing my mind slightly, and becoming a mummy machine with no other purpose.
I needed to get my voice back.

I started blogging and found an amazing community of parents and writers to have conversations with. I was invited to blog for The Huffington Post, and had my writing featured there, and on other sites.

As the time approached for me to think about taking on a new consultancy contract, I knew needed to create work that works. That works for my family and helps others create businesses that work for their family life too. 

I couldn’t go back to the hours and commute I’d done before I had my daughter, or I literally wouldn’t see her from morning ‘till night. And although I love my work, I also love my daughter, with all my heart.

I decided to create a life and business that worked for us.

It was a risk, but one worth taking.

I’m on a mission to make it easy for businesses to shine their light in the world through the magic of messaging. I use my gift to see what you can’t see, and help unlock the unique ingredients to your brand recipe. I help you build and grow an authentic brand and communicate about it with clarity and confidence.

I love to work with “Business People with Soul” as I call them. People who put purpose and authenticity at the heart of what they do. And I especially love to support other Mums like me who are trying to create work that works for them and their family life.

It can be really hard in this busy world to cut through the noise with your marketing and communication, but my mission is to make it easy – so that purpose led, family friendly businesses can succeed.

I have a head of communications expertise to share with you, and a heart full of encouragement to help guide you on your way to the successful business you dream of.

I really care about people, I’m a naturally empathetic and intuitive type. I truly believe we all have the capacity to make the world a happier place through sharing our gifts, and encouraging and supporting each other.

Before we get too deep, let me assure you I love a bit of fun too.

I love a good conversation. Whether it’s at the kitchen table with a cup of tea, over a bottle of wine with friends, or across the table in the conference room.

It’s what I’m all about.

I’m open, honest and fun to work with.

I’d love to help you gain the confidence you need to Start Conversations that connect you with the audience that matters to you – To help you grow your business through clear communication.
Lucy Griffin-Stiff, Starting Conversations

Become a business your clients know, like, trust and LOVE

And feel great about it