Pivoting Entrepreneur Series – With Beth Searle

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pivoting entrepreneur series with Beth Searle

This week on my pivoting entrepreneur blog series I’m featuring Beth Searle.   I absolutely loved chatting to Beth because she’s been through an entire pivot from management consulting to online retail and now video making. She has set up a new business (Beth Searle Videos) creating stop-motion animation videos, inspired by the marketing videos she was creating for her … Read More

Pivoting Entrepreneur Series – with Michelle Reeves

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Pivoting Entrepreneur Series - Michelle Reeves - Starting Conversations blog

This week on my Pivoting Entrepreneur blog series I’m sharing Michelle Reeves story. Michelle is a wonderful human being (in my opinion) and a certified life and mindset coach, author and speaker. She believes in the power of living life ‘on purpose’ and adores helping frustrated women in business to overcome self-doubt and overwhelm, rebalance their priorities, live intentionally with … Read More

Pivoting Entrepreneur Series -with Sally Bunkham

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Pivoting Entrepreneurs blog series by Lucy Griffin-Stiff at Starting Conversations

Over the summer I’ve been chatting to business owners and entrepreneurs about how they’re pivoting and evolving their business and brands.   I know when most people my age hear the word “pivot”, they immediately picture that scene from “Friends” when Ross was trying to get the sofa up the stairs! And perhaps pivoting your business can feel hard work … Read More

5 tips for conversational copy -that attracts more clients

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Good communication is all about conversations.   Conversations are key to building relationships – of all kinds You wouldn’t marry someone you’d got no relationship with. First, we need to attract that person and agree to go out on a date…     In business terms that means building a relationship with our existing clients and customers, and potential clients … Read More

Why Stories Sell

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Using storytelling in marketing

In our house bedtime goes like this “Can I have five stories?” “No darling, why don’t you choose two books” “But can I have five?” “No, choose two books and then I’ll do you a made-up story….” Then we get the usual can I have a drink… I need to do a wee… and all those other distraction tactics of … Read More

What do you do if you can’t find flexible work?

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Inspiration for flexible work.

Have you ever looked at how the working world is set up and asked Who set it up like this? What were they thinking? Being a parent isn’t a new thing. Yet so many businesses are not set up to make life work for people. To fit in around school runs and the practicality of life. Cue the army of … Read More