Four Reasons Your Marketing Fails and How to Fix it

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Are you frustrated that all the hard work you are putting into Marketing your business isn’t resulting in clients?

As business owners we are totally driven to build our business. We put in a lot of effort. But what happens when you put in a lot of effort and you’re just not getting results.

You’re just not getting the clients?

It’s really frustrating. You can feel stuck, overwhelmed and like you want to give up.

But please don’t give up. We can fix this.

There is often a common problem that is behind the no-client situation.

One that people often miss.


And the good news is I know how to help you solve it.


Here’s my appeal to you:

  • Before you start creating beautiful images in Canva to stick quotes on and share on your twitter, facebook and istagram….
  • Before you start that set of facebook ads, before you go on that podcast, before you buy an email “blueprint” that tells you “exactly what to say” (by the way, please don’t do that!)
  • Before you even build your website (you already did though didn’t you 😉)

Please make sure you’ve done these 4 key things.

This is the important pre-work you need to do before you start marketing, that so many people miss. And it’s often the reason marketing fails. I often call this pre-work “Brand Before Logo”.

Give yourself permission to take a step back, get the basics right and it will make your marketing so much easier. Not only that – it will help you get clients!


1) Have you got a clear message?

Are you absolutely clear what you offer? And are you able to share that in a way that totally connects with your ideal clients?

If somebody asks you what you do, are you able to tell them really easily, and do they appear to understand? Even better are they interested?

Or do they politely say… Oh right… lovely *confused face*


Are you able to share the benefit you bring, value you add and problems you solve?

Are you really clear on that?

Are you able to talk about your business in a way that makes sense to people?

When someone visits your website – can they see within the first 5-10 seconds what you’re all about?


If you’ve ever spent time or money on marketing that isn’t getting you results, it’s likely because your message isn’t clear.

It isn’t resonating with your ideal clients, or perhaps anyone.

 It isn’t doing the work for you. You need to let your message do your marketing.

Your message needs to grab the attention, peak and hold the interest of your ideal client so that they take action.

Whether you want them to visit your website, sign up for a special offer, or subscribe to your mailing list – It’s your message that leads them to that call to action.

Your message needs to get their buy-in.


2) Have you figured out your niche


The reason having a niche is SO useful is because it gets you even more clarity on what you’re offering, who you are offering it to and how you are offering it.

Which are vital ingredients to building a clear brand message.

A clear brand message helps you stand out from the crowd and cut through all the noise.

Knowing your niche means you know how you are differentiating yourself from the competition

It will help guide your marketing.

What do you want to be known for?

If people are referring you business – what is it they are saying about you.

For example

“Oh you need to speak to Lucy. She makes marketing feel easy. She has a real gift for helping you find your niche, and helps you discover the right words, messages and stories that connect with your ideal clients so you can win more business.”

The common challenge you get when discussing niche is that the small business owner / solopreneur doesn’t want to limit their offer because …

“you know, I can do so many things to help so many people”

The thing is, if you specialise in something, get really good at it, get known for it, and build you business doing it you will then be in a position to grow after that.

You’ll have solid foundations in place, existing clients, money in the bank, and if you then want to offer something else to build your business – you are in a really good position to do so.

You can read more about Niche in this blog post.


3) Do people know what they can buy from you and how?


Have you made it easy for your clients to buy from you?

Let’s say you’re a coach. Have you got a clear set of packages that people can choose from. Is it really clear what each package helps them with? What problems will it solve? What results will they get?

What is the transformation they will experience through working with you?

Make sure you share both the practical and emotional benefits. Because although people weigh up the practicalities to help them choose, it is the emotional side of the brain that makes the decision.

I say this all the time and it’s a simple one to remember:

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel”

Have you got a simple client journey on your website so it’s easy for them to click to pay? Or click to sign up for a discovery call?

Have a review of your website and marketing materials and just check it’s really obvious and really easy for your clients to get in touch and buy from you.


4) Tone of Voice


This goes hand in hand with building your brand messaging. Is your tone of voice appealing to your ideal clients and are you using words and language that resonates with them?

Have you been listening to them? Have you put yourself in their shoes to figure out what they really want to hear? (You can read my blog post that explains more about putting yourself in your customers shoes here)

How are they talking about the problem that you solve?

Three cool things about Tone of voice you might not have thought of:


  • It Intrigues and Entertains

Get your personality across using tone so people can get to know and like you

  • It Attracts

Use language that really speaks to your ideal clients so they know you’re on their wave length, or can see you are the go-to person.

  • It repels

Sometimes tone of voice can be really off-putting. Being brash, sweary and in-your-face might suit one crowd, but can totally repel another. And that’s fine.

No point wasting your time on the people you don’t really want to serve. Equally being REALLY BORING or too corporate can make people switch off so pay attention to your tone of voice when marketing your business.


I said at the beginning of this blog post that I could help you fix this. 

Here’s a few things you can do straight away to improve:


Instead of spending 2 hours on social media creating and sharing posts that might not actually mean anything to your audience – dedicate the time to looking at this pre-work.

Fix 1

Go through my points 1-4 and take stock of how you are currently communicating.

  1. Is your message clear?
  2. Are you clear on your niche and target audience?
  3. Is it easy to buy from you?
  4. What does your tone of voice say about you?

Then ask someone else. Sometimes we are too close to our own business to see what’s clear and what’s not. Get a trusted friend, business connection or expert to take a look.

(If you’re struggling to think of someone why not join The Business Owners Conversation Club – there’s always a friendly ‘virtual team’ in there to offer feedback and support.)

Fix 2

It just so happens that I offer a “Find your niche in 90 minutes” call so if you’re stuck, get in touch and we can have a chat about it


Fix 3

Have you guessed that this is what I help people do!?

I run a “Clarity, Confidence & Client Attraction” programme. You can work with me 1-2-1 to get absolute clarity on what you offer, what makes you different, build a clear brand message and discover your tone of voice. I’ll personally take you through all the “Brand Before Logo” pre-work so you have the clarity to market your business with confidence and attract clients.

We can absolutely transform your marketing by getting your message right.

Even better we take it a step further and find the stories and content ideas you can use to connect with your ideal clients.

You can click here to book a free call with me to discuss it.

Running a business is hard work. We can’t all be expert at everything. So accept some help where you need it to help you move forward, faster. Then the hard work you put on your Facebook ads, podcast appearances, networking events and website will get results.

And you’ll never have to worry about wasting time, money or energy on confusing marketing that isn’t working.

With just a little pre-work to get the basics right, you can let your message do the hard work and your marketing will feel easy.


You can find me on facebook or twitter and can come and join the conversation in my facebook group – The Business Owners Conversation Club

Lucy Griffin-Stiff - Starting ConversationsI’m Lucy Griffin-Stiff, The Communications Expert for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who want to become the OBVIOUS CHOICE to their ideal clients.

If you’re great at what you do, but a bit rubbish at talking about it, I help you find the words, messages and hidden stories that make you the obvious choice to your ideal clients. Giving you the clarity to market your business with confidence.


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