Do you get stuck when talking about you and your business?

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Do you ever get stuck talking about your business?

You know you could get better results from your marketing, but you are stuck with what to say…

Picture the scene: You go to a networking event, you’re normally pretty confident chatting to people, and then someone asks you the question:

“What do you do?”

You seize up.
You start to blurt out a bunch of words that don’t really make much sense…

You kick yourself inside; you didn’t really get your message across and make the most of the opportunity
You’re so frustrated.
Why are you finding communicating so hard?
If you could just articulate what you’re all about simply, in an easy to remember way, with confidence, it would make such a difference.

But you keep getting stuck.
You’d love to get PR for your business but are too scared to even start the conversation.
You’d love people to know why they should work with you, but you just can’t find the right words.
Maybe you’re finding what you’re putting out there doesn’t resonate with people, and isn’t getting the desired result…

Do people look at you puzzled when you explain what you do?

Do your emails remain unopened, your tweets fly by unnoticed?
*Tumbleweed skips across the path outside your window…*
Perhaps people are looking at your website, but they aren’t acting on it.
It’s not bringing you clients. It’s not generating income.

You’ve probably spent hours reading about how to market your business, and listened to podcasts about PR and business growth “hacks”.

But you hesitate…
Because you are stuck?
Because you feel overwhelmed?
Because you don’t know where to start?
You’re so busy doing everything, that thinking about all this marketing and communication stuff feels too hard.
I haven’t got the time” you say.
I’ll keep muddling through

If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.
Good news!
Starting Conversations can help you.


What if there was an easy way to get unstuck?

Would you like to hear about it?

Gain clarity and move forward with your PR, marketing and networking conversations.


Would you like an easy to follow tool-kit that helps you get absolute clarity so you can move forward with your PR, marketing and networking conversations?
The simple stuff you need to do first, but probably didn’t realise?

My Dad always told me growing up, you need to think about the 6 p’s.

Prior preparation and planning prevents poor performance.

That’s all this is. It’s thinking about communication in a slightly more strategic way.
I can help you do that, and it’s easier than you might think.
If you’d like to develop powerful marketing messages that attract your ideal clients, or that position you as the obvious go-to person, we just have to do a little work up-front.

It’s a bit like hurdles. If you try to jump over a hurdle from standing still, it’s hard.
If you have a bit of a run-up, you’ll be much more successful.

Find out the ways you can work with me to become the obvious choice for your ideal clients here



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