Why finding your niche makes marketing easier

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Find my niche

Finding your niche, what makes you different, and knowing your audience, sits at the heart of all your communication.

In a competitive, noisy, online environment it’s important to find a way to let your people (ideal audience) know who you are, what you are the go-to person for, why they should choose you. And ultimately, buy what you do!

And if you’ve nailed your niche it’s so much easier.

If you’ve found your niche, then it’s easy to know who your ideal audience is. And if you’re clear on that, then you can make all your communication (or messaging) speak to them.

And messaging is my thing. It’s the niche part of communication (or marketing, if you prefer) that I specialise in at Starting Conversations. I help small owner-led businesses, who are competing in this noisy space, work out how to communicate about what they do in a way that connects with their ideal clients or customers.

To do this it helps to find your niche and know who your ideal clients are –  it’s an important part of the process.

If you are trying to appeal to everyone, your message becomes too generic.

You’ll be too vanilla to stand out to the mint choc-chip lovers.

And you won’t be a ‘go-to person’ for anything.

Here’s a simple 4 step way to think about niching down.

Just add an extra layer each time.

  • I’m a photographer
  • I’m a wedding photographer
  • I’m a wedding photographer specialising in people who get married on the beach

Just to make it even more niche

  • I’m a wedding photographer specialising in beach weddings for same sex couples in Brighton

That makes you pretty niche!


It’s not the only way to find your niche but it’s a good start.

The beauty of it is, you’ll know how best to relate to and communicate with your audience, because it’s your area of expertise and / or specialism.

You can put yourself in the shoes of your ideal client and connect with them, using messages that actually mean something to them.

Do you see how getting specific about your niche then automatically sets your path towards your ideal client?

What about when the ideal client is looking for you?


  • What are they going to search for?
  • Do you know what specific terms or keywords they might use?
  • What do you think will draw them to you?
  • Why would they choose you?


When the search results come up, who do you think they are more likely to choose to work with, a generalist or a specialist?

Someone they like the sound of, who ‘gets’ them, or a standard sounding “blah blah bit of everything blah blah”

Someone who’s nailed their niche will be communicating in a way that attracts that audience. Then out of the two or three specialists the customer narrows down, what is going to make them choose you?

I’m not sure whether there are three wedding photographers who specialise in same sex marriages on the beach in Brighton, (you tell me?!) but in your niche there might be three people all doing the same sort of thing, in the same niche. That’s why it’s important to find a way to make you stand out.

So what’s going to make you stand out?

Your brand messaging.

So your ideal customer has found a few people who do what they’re after

They are likely to choose based on a combination of these things:

They are looking for the business…

  • Who shows they understand their customer
  • Who demonstrates they have similar values
  • Who has a style they feel comfortable with or love
  • Who has a story that resonates with them
  • Who they feel they could build a rapport with
  • Who clearly looks like the go-to person


They’ll look at your testimonials too.  


They want to see:


  • People singing your praises about problems you’ve solved (that they relate to)


  • Customers who love how you work and how you’ve transformed their business


This is what they want to hear.

Their confidence in you will grow even more.

The more they read and see about you, the more they are convinced you are the person to help them.


So when I’m helping my clients with their messaging, it’s so important that we figure out who their ideal clients and customers are. So we know they’re communicating clearly.

We have the ‘niche’ conversation.

It often starts like this:


“Who do you think your ideal customer is?”

“I think most people could benefit from what I do. If I narrow it down am I’m limiting myself from potential customers?”

“I understand why you might think that, but if you’re trying to speak to everybody, you’re probably not really resonating with anybody.”

“Yes but I don’t want to feel like I’m alienating anyone, like they’re not welcome”



If you don’t niche it down you’re likely to be spreading yourself too thin, too far, and not connecting with anyone. So not attracting the people you most want to work with.

In my Clarity, Confidence and Client Attraction programme one of the first things we do is clarify niche and ideal customer. Because without that, your messaging won’t be doing its hard work for you.

And I’m here to make sure that it does!

Your marketing will feel so much easier if you are clear on your niche, your ideal clients, and then have a message that really speaks to them.

I’ve recently introduced a  “Find My Niche” call as another way I can help you, if you feel a bit stuck around niche and ideal clients, get in touch and we can get it nailed in 90 minutes.

The power of three

If you know your niche, know your audience and have a clear message that connects with your ideal client, it doesn’t just make your marketing easier, it makes it work!

If you’d like any help with nailing your niche, audience or message, do get in touch.

Now I’m off to google out of curiosity how many same sex beach wedding photographers there really are in Brighton! Are you?


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I’m on a mission to make it easy for owner led (micro /small) businesses to shine their light in the world through the magic of messaging. I use my gift to see what you can’t see, and help unlock the unique ingredients to your brand recipe. I help you build and grow an authentic brand and communicate about it with clarity and confidence.

I love to work with “Business People with Soul”. People who put purpose and authenticity at the heart of what they do. And I especially love to support other Mums like me who are trying to create work that works for them and their family life.

It can be really hard in this busy world to cut through the noise with your marketing and communication, but my mission is to make it easy – so that small, purpose led, family friendly businesses can succeed.


If you’d like to chat to other like-minded business owners, why not come over and join us in the Business Owners Conversation Club.

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We’d love to see you there.


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