Helping accelerate your business

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business accelerator

Before having my daughter I used to run a business. And I also run a business now. And I can tell you it’s a lot harder now than it was before having children, which is why I am a great supporter of groups and initiatives for mums in business. And one of my passions is to help mums in business … Read More

Evolving your business & your message

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Have you reached a stage in your business where you are looking to evolve and maybe pivot into a different direction? I know I have. Evolving in business is a natural step. But as you and your business grow and potentially slightly change direction, your messaging needs to grow, evolve and change with you. Take me, for example. My business … Read More

5 tips for conversational copy -that attracts more clients

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Good communication is all about conversations.   Conversations are key to building relationships – of all kinds You wouldn’t marry someone you’d got no relationship with. First, we need to attract that person and agree to go out on a date…     In business terms that means building a relationship with our existing clients and customers, and potential clients … Read More