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Have you been struggling to find your niche?

Would you like to get the clarity and focus that knowing your niche brings?

Including identifying your ideal clients?

I have just the thing to fix this

Find your Niche in 90 Minutes

I'll help you figure out your niche, your offer, your ideal clients and more...

With one 90 minute call, a worksheet and a free 30 min follow up call - you'll get your niche nailed now!

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"Are you struggling to nail your niche?

I’ve had the most brilliant conversation today with a lovely lady called Lucy Griffin-Stiff, who runs a business called, “Starting Conversations”.

One of Lucy’s most recent services is called Find Your Niche and I highly recommend it and her! She really helps you focus in on what you love doing and somehow magically reflects back your words in a way that makes complete sense! It’s all done in one 90 minute call with a follow up call whenever you need it.

So if you’re going around in circles with a million ideas in your head, give her a call for a free 20 minute chat to decide if she can help you!"