Do you ever feel like you are wasting time and money on marketing that isn’t getting you results?

  • You are putting a message out there, but it’s just not connecting with your audience?
  • Do you struggle to talk clearly and confidently about your business?
  • Are you able to tell people what makes you different and why people should choose you?

You have something amazing to bring to the world but you don’t know how to say it.

Brand Message

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get heard in this noisy market place, you need a clear message, that speaks to the people you want to attract.

So that you become the obvious choice to your ideal clients.

You need to:

Clarify your offer and simplify your message so you can create great marketing material and grow your business.

It’s time to stop muddling on through and give your marketing the boost it needs.

I’ve developed a system, specifically for business owner led businesses that will take the pain and procrastination away.

It’s messaging magic.

  • You’ll get clear on your offer, know what makes you different, and learn how to communicate your USP (or special sauce)
  • You’ll be organised with a clear set of messages you can use again and again (without needing a copywriter)
  • You’ll stand out from the crowd with your unique message
  • You’ll have content you can use consistently across your website, social media and other marketing to build engagement and brand recognition
  • You’ll cut through the noise and connect with your audience. Becoming the obvious choice to your ideal clients

It really is messaging made easy!

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Messaging Made Easy – The essential steps to understand your brand and build a message that transforms your marketing

You’ll get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer, learn how to craft that message and then use it to attract new clients

Messaging Made Easy will enable you to clearly understand your brand, articulate your unique offer, and build a message that transforms your marketing.

You’ll learn how to communicate clearly about your business so people buy what you do!
Imagine how much more confident you’ll feel when you can talk about your business clearly, stand out from the crowd and as a result, you’ll attract more clients, more easily.
I’ve put 20 years worth of experience and expertise, and my heart and soul into this programme, because I want to see fellow business owners build a successful business and life they love.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff Starting Conversations

I can take you through 6 simple steps to gain absolute clarity on yourself and your business.

We discover what you uniquely offer that makes you attractive to your ideal client. And how to say it.

You get clear on your message AND then learn how to communicate that in a way your audience care about.

Using what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to attract those ideal clients and build an audience who know, like and trust you.

Leaving you to nurture those connections and grow your business.

Whether you are just starting out and need to build a message for your business, or you’ve been up and running for a year or two but are just not getting the results you hoped for, this is for you.

It’s so important to have the the right words in your marketing – words that work

The right words on your website, the right words on your marketing materials, and the right words to say when asked about your business.
Are you missing a trick when it comes to your messaging?
My “Messaging Made Easy” toolkit and learning programme will make sure you’re not missing a trick, so you feel completely confident in your brand identity and message.
You’ll know that the way you’re communicating with your prospective customers is going to connect with them and attract new business.

In your words…

“If you have any doubts about working with Lucy – forget them now. She will arm you with the words and ideas to make a huge difference to where you’re at right now. It might all sound very simple, but Lucy is an absolute genius, I can’t recommend her services highly enough and she is worth every single penny.

I was really unsure how Lucy could help me describe the intangible nature of what my own creative company does – even I was struggling to describe the many areas we’ve worked in, how we do it, and why it’s so important to the projects.

But through a course of focussed exercises and discussions, she’s helped me to understand the core services we provide, and how we can easily – but very powerfully – communicate them to potential new clients, at a time when I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees, or tell people what we actually brought to the table.

Lucy has carved a formidable path for us that has opened up a rich world of communication to the world we work in, which has strengthened our position within the industry, sharpened our website, social media strategy, printed media and even how we discuss what we can do – she’s really taught us how to “talk” about what we do creatively in a concise way, which is now bringing in more clients who understand what we’re saying.

I’m a very happy customer, and mildly addicted to honing the skills she has brought to me, and my company.”

Andy White, Andy White Creative Ltd

“I am so pleased to have found Lucy! I was flailing around in an endless cycle of signing up to newsletters from marketing gurus, trying to reinvent myself as they offered me a sure-fire way to draw in new clients and feeling hopeless as I struggled to be clear in my own mind about what I was trying to achieve. Enter Lucy. She’s helped me define who my clients are (and not be afraid to be quite specific), why I am the right person to work with and importantly, how I can tell them this!”Bev Loczy, Peace of Mind PA

Are you sure your marketing is working?

How much money have you already spent on getting a message out into the world that isn’t connecting with your customers?

Are you missing the most important piece of your marketing?
– Your Message

Get the firm foundations in place to move ahead with your marketing, and see a much better return on investment.

“Messaging Made Easy- The Essential Steps to Understand your Brand and Build a Message that Transforms your Marketing” is the crucial pre-work to show you how to get those foundations in place.

“It’s a bit like hurdles.
If you try to jump over a hurdle from standing still, it’s hard.
If you have a bit of a run-up, you’ll be much more successful.
This tool-kit is your run-up.”

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