Think of working with me as an investment in you, your brand and your business growth

Your Brand

 Brand Discovery

Understand your brand and build a message that transforms your marketing

  • Build an authentic brand

    Unlock the secret ingredients to your brand recipe

  • Find the right words, messages and stories to engage your audience

    Discover how to stand out from the competition

  • Find your Unique Selling Point (USP) - what makes you different

    Learn how to use it to attract clients and grow your business

  Brand Clarity

Take your customers from confused to clear to win more business

  • Learn to talk about your business in a clear and simple way

    To engage more customers, create great marketing material, and grow your business

  • Make sure your ideal customer understands how you can serve them

    Share the problems you solve, the value you add, and why they should choose you

  • Build engagement and brand recognition

    Create messaging and content you can use consistently across your website, social and marketing channels

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        Practical strategies to create engaging communication and marketing campaigns

  • Purpose

    Get absolute clarity on the purpose of your communication or campaign

  • Objective

    Work through what you want your audience to Think, Feel, Say and Do as a result of the communication

  • Audience

    Who are you trying to engage with and attract? Let’s find your ideal clients?

  • Message

    Defining the clear and simple message you want to get across to your audience

  • Channel

    Choosing the right channels for your message and audience – how will you reach them?

  • Measure & Improve

    What’s working and what’s not. How effective was the communication? What can be improved for next time?


       Supporting you as your brand and business evolves

  • Let's take your business goals and make them happen

    Use my experience to help you. I’ve spent 20 years helping businesses achieve their goals using communication and engagement strategies.

  • Need someone to help you with strategy and direction?

    Sometimes you just need to talk it through with a friendly expert to find the direction you’re after

  • Are you getting the results you desire from your marketing communications efforts?

    I can work with you directly, understand your specific challenges, and intuitively help you find the right way to move your business forward, that matches your ambitions

  • Fresh perspective and creative ideas

    Give your business a boost using my creative brain to bounce your ideas off and spark some more

In your words

“If you have any doubts about working with Lucy – forget them now. She will arm you with the words and ideas to make a huge difference to where you’re at right now.

It might all sound very simple, but Lucy is an absolute genius, I can’t recommend her services highly enough and she is worth every single penny.

I was really unsure how Lucy could help me describe the intangible nature of what my own creative company does – even I was struggling to describe the many areas we’ve worked in, how we do it, and why it’s so important to the projects.

But through a course of focussed exercises and discussions, she’s helped me to understand the core services we provide, and how we can easily – but very powerfully – communicate them to potential new clients, at a time when I literally couldn’t see the wood for the trees, or tell people what we actually brought to the table.

Lucy has carved a formidable path for us that has opened up a rich world of communication to the world we work in, which has strengthened our position within the industry, sharpened our website, social media strategy, printed media and even how we discuss what we can do – she’s really taught us how to “talk” about what we do creatively in a concise way, which is now bringing in more clients who understand what we’re saying.

I’m a very happy customer, and mildly addicted to honing the skills she has brought to me, and my company.”

Andy, Andy White Creative Ltd

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It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to getting your business out of your head, let alone out into the world.

Sometimes you are so close to it that you can’t see the woods for the trees. You are so caught up in knowing everything about your business and running it, that explaining it to others has become complicated and hard work.

I’m here to make life easier for you.

I can help you find a clearing in the wood, let the sunlight shine brightly on it, and help you find the direction and clarity of message you need to become the obvious choice to your ideal clients.

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In your words

“I approached Lucy because I felt my business needed more focus and direction, and I was stuck in a rut! Lucy helped me by talking through the ideas I had, offering alternative perspectives, then building on those ideas to create a solid business plan. This gave me the confidence and drive I needed to move forward. I will continue to work with Lucy as my brand and business evolves. She provides invaluable experience to anyone needing to clarify their message.”

Lucy, Lucy Woodman Web Design

Learning Programmes

Click here to find out more about Messaging Made Easy

Messaging Made Easy: Go from confused to clear in six simple steps

The Messaging Made Easy programme takes you through the essential steps to understand your brand and build a message that transforms your marketing.

Let me help you learn how to communicate clearly so people buy what you do.

Let’s make sure you have that absolute clarity, and confidence, to get your message seen, heard and understood.

Get clear on your message so you can attract clients and grow your business