Messaging Made Easy - USP in 3


  • Struggling to find your USP?

    We’ll work together over 3 sessions to find what makes you different

    and why people should choose you

  • Armed with your USP we’ll clarify your offer to appeal to your ideal clients
  • Then we’ll Nail your Elevator Pitch so you can make an immediate difference

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Messaging Made Easy VIP - practically done for you!


  • Includes all of the above – finding your USP & messaging:

    Elevator pitch, Core Messages, Why choose you, about page and more

  • We find the hidden stories in your business that will make you the obvious choice to your ideal customers.

    • Your Story
    • Business Story 
    • Customer Stories
  • Get armed with content ideas for blog posts and social media

    so you know how to use your messaging in your marketing straight away

  • All done within 5 sessions  and several hours of work in-between
  • PLUS unlimited email support for the duration of the programme
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People buy People. So let’s get clear on who you are and what you have to offer.

Then let’s turn that into messages you can use to become the obvious choice to your ideal clients and grow your business.

I can take you through 6 simple steps to gain absolute clarity on yourself and your business – what you uniquely offer that makes you attractive to your ideal client.

You get clear on your message AND then learn how to communicate that in a way your audience care about.

Using what you’ve learned, you’ll be able to attract those ideal clients and build an audience who know, like and trust you.

Leaving you to nurture those connections and grow your business.

“It’s a bit like hurdles.
If you try to jump over a hurdle from standing still, it’s hard.
If you have a bit of a run-up, you’ll be much more successful.
This programme is your run-up.”

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  • We put the pre-work in so that your future marketing and PR work feels much easier

  • You’ll get organised, with a clear set of messages that really “speak you”.

  • You'll be able to tell people what makes you different and why people should choose you

  • You’ll stand out, and have content you can use consistently across your website, social media and other marketing so you really start to build up engagement and brand recognition.

  • You won't ever have to reinvent the wheel, because you'll have a clear set of consistent messaging to pull from every time

  • No more procrastinating about what to say AND no need to hire a copywriter

  • If you want to cut through the noise and connect with your ideal clients so you become their obvious choice, then this is for you

What we cover in the toolkit / programme

To be able to connect authentically with your audience, the first thing you need to do is know yourself, so we spend time thinking about that.

Then we look at the heart and soul of your brand. And we think about your audience.

It’s a really enlightening experience looking at those three things together.

And once you do, you’ll never look back.

Then we look at what it is you are offering that solves a problem, and the emotional and practical benefits of it. We get to know your “How, What, and SO What”

Because people don’t buy what you do, they buy how you make them feel

Next, you work out your “special sauce”. What makes you different?

Then we develop your messaging using your unique tone of voice.

You use that messaging and what you’ve learned, and apply it to your marketing, PR, and all communication activities to convert those people into clients.

Get clarity, consistency, and confidence to talk about your business.

This toolkit will help you form the basis of all your conversations about your business, both online, and out there at that networking event (you know, the one where you kicked yourself?).

It’s a simple six step process for you to follow.

Would you like to:

  • Get absolute clarity on what you uniquely offer that makes you and your business attractive

  • Become a business clients know, like and trust

  • Get unstuck from not knowing what to say in your marketing and PR

  • Learn how to connect with the audience that matters to you

  • Enable you to attract those ideal clients and grow your business

  • Get clear on your message and get it heard

  • Be yourself, communicate authentically without sounding like everyone else