What people are saying...

“I would definitely recommend working with Lucy. She has made a tough task really fun.

Lucy really got to the heart of what I wanted to say, and totally understood my tone of voice. She quickly pulled out the main messages and cut out the waffle. Then she set me extra tasks to help me provide a really full explanation of what I do.

At every stage Lucy said when I was not sticking to the core message. It has been so useful having an extra pair of eyes and ears to look at my messaging from the outside. I have really enjoyed working with Lucy. I felt inspired to battle on with setting up my business because when I read the messages Lucy wrote based on our conversations and “homework” I truly saw it’s brilliant!

I have everything I need to pass onto my website builder, a list of extra bits I can do and inspiration for how to take the copy and write blogs and extra marketing material. I am relieved at how easy Lucy has made the process.

Lucy, I have loved it! It has felt a very simple process because you are so good at what you do..”

Vicki Raven, Founder, Caterpillar Learners

“I cannot tell you how much of a difference you have made and I can’t believe it’s been done in just three weeks!

It’s often easy to tell people what you do but your why is harder. That’s where Lucy is superb – she spends time really getting to know you and your business, asking the questions which will bring out your unique story.

She’s great fun and her friendly, supportive coaching style gave me so much more confidence as well as bags of ideas to grow my business online.”

Sian Price

“If you have any doubts about working with Lucy – forget them now. She will arm you with the words and ideas to make a huge difference to where you’re at right now.

It might all sound very simple, but Lucy is an absolute genius, I can’t recommend her services highly enough and she is worth every single penny.”

Andy White

“Lucy helped me to get real clarity on what I’m all about and the programmes I’m offering to clients before we collaboratively created the wording that really resonated with me. It was an iterative process across three 121 sessions with work in between that filtered my messages into the concentrated form that they needed to be in to really speak to my ideal client.

By working with Lucy, I haven’t just got the words for my website; I also have clarity on my key messages, which will guide my blog posts and sales conversations, but I have much more clarity on my business offering!

A massive added bonus! Thank you Lucy.”

Kath Curry, Founder, Edulead

“I’d absolutely recommend working with Lucy, she’s wonderful.

It feels like working with a friend, but with the added expertise. She takes the time to understand what you want to achieve and has the talent to help you do so.

I had a proper light bulb moment when working with Lucy. The clarity and confidence you get through the process with the added accountability is definitely worth it.

I’m definitely standing out better online now. I’m consistent, bolder and have been getting really good reactions to my content.”

Janine Coombes

“I attended Lucy's brand script workshop and got so much value from it. I loved the structure she provided and the prompts to my thinking to get my ideas from my head out onto paper.

Lucy was personable, professional and made the session engaging and relevant with lots of examples and guidance. I left feeling able to continue the work on my own and excited to work on my website copy for the first time ever!”

Jacqui Jagger

“I was delighted to attend Lucy’s messaging session. Lucy tackled the challenge businesses face - being great at what you do, but not so great at explaining it. This is difficult to do on your own and Lucy shared with us her Brand Script Template – which is a tool that helps get that messaging out of your head and on to a page. Working through the template together, asking questions and offering each other tips and support really helped.

It was amazing how much clarity and confidence you can get from writing down the answers to some fundamental questions as well as use this content like a script or your go-to place of clarity each time you want to create a communication for your ideal client.

Lucy clearly has heaps of experience and was able to share her tips and skills with the group in a way that was both clear and uncomplicated.

I would recommend contacting Lucy if you need any help creating your brand message and communicating what you do with your ideal client. I am using the template already and have created several posts based on the work we did on the day.

Powerful and useful.”

Catherine France

"I attended Lucy's Brand Script Workshop last week and was surprised how much we were able to cover in such a short period of time and the clarity that it offered. I really enjoyed the group setting, allowing us the opportunity to share and get feedback on our own examples, while learning from others experiences. I would definitely recommend!”

Mark Kingston Jones

“Having an expert and impartial review of my website and marketing collateral has been invaluable. When it’s your own business, you can be blind to some of the errors you’re making, or you simply miss opportunities for reinforcing your brand and key messages.

Lucy was great to work with. She very quickly got my business and what I was trying to say, and has suggested some really actionable improvements that will get my message across more clearly to my customers.”

Amanda Overend, Books & Pieces

“Thanks for being the expert speaker at our recent breakfast event. I can't believe how much I learnt from you in a 90 minute workshop! I can only begin to imagine the value of a 1-2-1 session. I've been following the messaging matrix you shared with us. Such a simple yet powerful process which I know is going to improve my messaging. ”

Tracy Short

“I am so pleased to have found Lucy! I was flailing around in an endless cycle of signing up to newsletters from marketing gurus, trying to reinvent myself as they offered me a sure-fire way to draw in new clients and feeling hopeless as I struggled to be clear in my own mind about what I was trying to achieve. 

Enter Lucy. She’s helped me define who my clients are (and not be afraid to be quite specific), why I am the right person to work with and importantly, how I can tell them this!”

Bev Loczy

“I met Lucy at her breakfast workshop last week and gained so much clarity. I have just started my own business and one of the biggest hurdles is explaining what you do in short succinct sentences.

Lucy showed in a clear and concise way how to understand your key attributes/focuses and put together a strong message. very highly recommended. ”

Lori Fiori

“I’d been spinning round in circles with how to pitch my company and to whom, I sort of had it, but my confidence was sliding. I decided that I needed some expert help! Within a couple of phone calls, a week of emails and a lot of hard work we had it cracked. I’m now filled with confidence when talking about my company, I have a tag line that makes sense and we’ve found the USP of my business that we can focus on.

What I love the most is that I went on this journey with Lucy, she didn’t just take my brief and then tell me what to say; with her expert guidance she helped me to work it out, which means I own the message and I understand it and therefore can communicate it with confidence.

When you’re a small business it's a very hard decision to spend your precious few pounds on things like message and tone of voice, but getting it right means its easier to sell, so this investment should quickly be returned.

I highly recommend Lucy at Starting Conversations, she will set your marketing on the right track!”

Helen White, Brilliant Together

“Lucy’s brand review & refresh was fantastic and came at exactly the right time as I was feeling a little lost about whether my brand message was coming across as clearly to my target customer as I hoped.

It really helped to have my brand, customer and messaging across all channels viewed through a fresh pair of eyes. The review helped me to understand areas where my messaging was confused and not coming across as consistently as I wished. Lucy’s report contained a practical list of actions I could start working on straight away.

Alongside this, I found the opportunity to chat through the report with Lucy afterwards really helpful.

I have started working on the actions Lucy gave me already, and this is helping me to deliver a more cohesive message across my website, blog and social media channels”

Beth Searle

I attended Lucy's session on messaging and the template and advice she shared was outstanding and so helpful. Her advice iseasy to understand and very clear with a simple to follow format.

Nicola Richardson

“I attended Lucy's Messaging workshop which was excellent. She took us through her Brand Script process, which was extremely useful in becoming clear about how to communicate my brand effectively, and really understanding my clients. Lucy is very clear and engaging, and asks the right questions to make you really think about what you are trying to convey to your audience. If you are struggling with your messaging I would highly recommend Lucy

Sarah Archer

I decided to work with Lucy after seeing her Brand Before Logo masterclass. I was feeling in a muddle. I had lots of ideas and was finding it hard to be clear about who I was and what I was offering to my clients.

As we worked through the programme it felt like an idea that had been buzzing round my head was finally coming to life. Through our calls we drew out what my offer was and what made me different.

It helped to have a clear focus for my business. The messaging we ended up with was amazing and presented me in a very professional way and brought together skills I’d forgotten I had!

It got real clarity around what I offer and what makes me different. I have always struggled to explain succinctly what my business is and now through working with Lucy I can.

I now have confidence in myself to promote my business. I can attend networking events with a clear message of how I serve my clients.

Once I had the clarity on my offer I started to get instant results. Using the work Lucy and I had been through I was able to talk clearly about my offer and was hired to run a Facebook ad campaign, gaining a new client.

I would definitely recommend working with Lucy. She makes the process feel easy and is very supportive.”

Louise Green