Think of working with me as an investment in you, your brand and your business growth


Start with clarity

Clarity, Confidence & Client Attraction

Use my "Brand Before Logo" formula to get clarity and confidence in your offer, difference, and message so you can use it to attract clients and grow your business.


Build your Brand Script

If you're great at what you do, but not so great at talking about it -this is for you.

·         We build your Brand Script- a multi-purpose money making message that can transform you from “just another” business to the obvious choice.

·         Learn how to explain what you do and why it matters so that your ideal clients take notice

No more embarrassment stumbling over your words when trying to explain the complexity of what you do.

And no more confusing your potential customers with conflicting messages.

Once you’ve developed your brand script you’ll have the clarity to talk about your business with confidence and creating content will just come easy.

You'll have created a messaging matrix you can pick and mix from each time you create a communication.

You'll be able to use it across your website, sales pages, social media, and out networking.


Seriously Stepping Up

Do you want to take your business to the next level, evolve it, or make significantly more sales?

Then you want a message that grows with you.

“Next level messaging"

I’ll take you through the actionable steps to make your message match your ambition.


Support & accountability

Mentoring / 121 Consultancy

Supporting you on your journey to business growth

  • Clarity on where you are now and where you want to be

  • Focus on positioning you to become the obvious choice to your ideal clients

  • Clarity on your target audience and the message you want them to hear

  • Focus on your key messages- vital to make your sales and marketing work

  • Clarity on your products, packages and services so you know how to tell people about your offer and why they should work with you

  • Focus on getting your message out into the world - supporting your launches, campaigns & communications


Quick Solutions | Lasting Results

Get fast results and inspired into action.

VIP 1 Day Intensive

I call this my "Business Spa Day" package!
Are you a coach, consultant or creative struggling to make the time to focus on your business because you’re so busy day to day?

You want to differentiate yourself in a saturated market, and become more visible, but you're finding it hard to figure it out on your own.

Honestly - you keep putting off doing the work even though you know it's something that would make a massive difference to your marketing

I can help you get it done in a day.

If you want to become the OBVIOUS CHOICE to your ideal clients you’ll want to have absolute clarity on your offer, positioning, difference and message – so people are knocking on your door to buy what you do.

This is the day of focus your business deserves. (With VIP treatment you'll love)

Imagine that sense of inner calm and confidence when you know:
  • You’ll have absolute clarity on your offer, position, difference and message

  • Exactly what to say and do to become the obvious choice to your ideal clients

  • You know what makes you different and how to tell people that

  • Your message is hitting the right note, and bringing you more customers

All done in a day, in a luxurious VIP way


Quick Fix | Big Impact

Find your niche in 90 minutes

  • Have you been struggling to find your niche?

  • Would you like to get the clarity and focus that knowing your niche brings?

  • Including identifying your ideal clients?

I have just the thing to fix this.

Quick Fix | Big Impact

Brand Review & Refresh

  • Do you have website shame?

  • Or cringe when you give someone your marketing leaflet?

  • Perhaps your business evolved and you feel like your messaging just doesn’t work anymore?

I can get you back on track.

Quick Fix | Big Impact

Creative Boost

  • Do you ever get stuck for content ideas?

  • Not sure what to blog about or put on your social media posts?

  • Would you like a list of ideas to engage your audience AND content planned that will position you as the obvious choice for your ideal clients?

Use my creative brain to spark some ideas.