Clarity, Confidence
& Client Attraction

Use my "Brand Before Logo" formula to get clarity and confidence in your offer, difference, and message so you can use it to attract clients and grow your business

Brand Basics

Can you tick all these?

  • Explain what you do in a way that makes your customers want to buy?

  • Share what makes you different and why people should choose you?

  • Clearly define the problems you solve or the desire of your ideal clients?

  • Tell me who your ideal clients are?

  • Create a compelling offer and package it up for a simple sales process?

  • Create engaging content that builds you a community of people who love what you do?

  • Bring out your unique tone of voice and put you into your brand?

Brand Before Logo

If you struggle with any of the above, this programme is for you.

I refer to this foundational prework as

"Brand Before Logo"

It’s the prework you need to do that you probably didn’t know about, that means you’ll create a brand you and your customers will love – in thought and words.

Without it you’ll be wasting time and money on building websites, promoting your business and putting marketing out there that isn’t working.

You’ll be struggling to articulate what you do, what makes you different and why people should choose to work with you.

Which likely means you’ll be struggling with how to pull together an offer or package that people want to buy.

Is it obvious what people can buy from you?

Let's solve that problem right now.

Lucy Griffin-Stiff Personal Brand Mentor

Let’s get the foundations in place so you can go on to attract paying clients, build a community of fans who love what you do, and have the confidence and clarity you need to succeed.

You’ll know exactly what to say, on your website, in your social media pages and posts, AND you’ll have clear messages that help you create consistent, compelling content again and again.

Once you have clarity on your offer, what makes you different, how you want to position yourself, who your ideal clients are and a strong compelling message that resonates  – you will be filled with confidence to go out in the world and share your message knowing that your marketing can actually work!

Lucy helped me to get real clarity on what I’m all about and the programmes I’m offering to clients before we collaboratively created the wording that really resonated with me.

It was an iterative process across three 121 sessions with work in between that filtered my messages into the concentrated form that they needed to be in to really speak to my ideal client.

By working with Lucy, I haven’t just got the words for my website; I also have clarity on my key messages, which will guide my blog posts and sales conversations, but I have much more clarity on my business offering!
Kath Curry

Invest in the right things first

Before you've sorted the basics you may as well forget facebook ads – they’ll pass people by.

Forget social media and the endless content generation – because without a clear message – it just won’t bring you business.

It’s a waste of time, energy and money if the message isn’t there.

You’ve probably built a website (or you’re stuck trying to) but without a clear message - your website is like waving a flag in the air with nothing on it.

You’ll be investing your precious budget on things that won’t bring the results unless you have the foundations in place first.

You need this if:

  • You’re struggling to work out your unique selling point or point of differentiation

  • You find it hard to explain what you do, clearly and simply in a way that resonates with clients

  • You are lacking clarity in how to communicate what you do, your offer, or how to package it up into something people want to buy

  • You have website and social media shame because the page isn’t doing you justice

  • You’ve wasted time and money on marketing that isn’t working

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You’ll get the clarity you need to build a stand-out brand.

Messaging you’re completely confident with

and be able to convert browsers into buyers.

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